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Who we are

Navajeevan Metal Sculptors was established by Sthapathi R. Ravindran in 1989. We specialize in metal sculpting and sheet metal work. Our creations has adorned several temples, Museums, churches and art galleries across the globe.

Our Sthapathi is a National Award Winner in Metal Sculpting and comes with the experience of more than 35 years in the field.

  • He is an expert in traditional metal Sculpting, modern portraits, shell metal work, jewelry and bell & lamp making.
  • Thousands of  Bronze Idols and natural art sizing from 5 cm to 16 feet are manufactured & supplied to Temples, museums, Monuments, Memorials, Private galleries in India and all around the world.
  •  Sheet  Metal Work in Brass, Copper, Silver, and gold for Swami kavasams, Temple kalasams, Vahanams, Kodimaram, Pallakku and Temple Car (Ther) in innumerable numbers.
  • Trained 350+ artisans in India and all around the world who are successful as artists today.